Here is a composition. Can anyone help me to cerrect it? Only check if there are some grammatical mistakes. (or give me some suggestions). Thanks.

An E-mail from the Year 2105

I was thoroughly worn out after thinking of ways to tackle a sticky problem for nearly three hours. But a short break was not an option because it was the time to head for the library to conduct info collection for my essay. My eyes were almost closed when something strange suddenly attracted my attention. I’d got an e-mail from a stranger, which said “Hi. This is an e-mail from the future—2105—right 100 years from your time. I am curious about the world around you, especially your school learning. In return, I will tell you something interesting about our advanced learning patterns. Fair enough? ”

At the first glance, it looked like a trick. But I somehow firmly believed it, so strange! Excited by this abnormal message, I felt my weariness faded away. I sat straight and wrote a reply. From then on, I did not hear from my ‘[email protected]’ for about a month. But one day I got an e-mail from him. Words alone can not express how happy and excited I was. It said:

Dear my friend in 2005,

How nice to hear from you, I am so honored to have a friend like you. The school learning you described in the email interests me a great deal. Ok, let me show you the ways we learn in school, which I think would turn you on. We don’t need to attend school at all because school is in everyone’s home. Without stepping out of your bedroom, you can gain various sorts of knowledge by attending virtual classes on the Internet. You are even able to choose teachers according to your own preferences.

Moreover, educators combine learning with entertainment. Like the history lesson, we don’t need to memorize the time, the causes and impacts of historical events. Instead, we play leading roles in the historical events which are virtualized by computer! It enables us to get a better understanding of the history. At the same time we can develop excellent leadership and problem- solving skills.

Our history lesson is cool, right? But it is not my favourite subject. My favourite one is biology. In the biology lesson, instead of telling us how tigers hunt and how fish sleep, teachers teach us how to observe and make sense of animals’ behaviors. It is because by using the Internet and virtualization equipment fixed on the target animal that I can accompany my animal all the time. If I have any questions about the animal’s behaviors, a virtualized animal expert will come out.

Nowadays, we can’t imagine a life without computers. Take my little brother, Jim, a 4-year-old boy for example, a robot is teaching him several languages and basic manners. The robot knows how to develop children’s creativity and logic thinking. What is more important, it knows how to play with kids

Is it amazing? The developing speed of technology is such that it may be a little difficult for you to accept all what I say. No problem. You have a wonderful future ahead, which is the key message from your friend of future. Ok, it’s time to see my tiger. If you want to know anything about my world, tell me and I won’t let you down. Bye~~”

Yours, 2105

Since then, I haven't heard from him again. But from then on I firmly believe that computers will change our school life so dramatically that our learning will be highly efficient and, what is more important, enjoyable.

Hi gingging,
I didn't notice any grammatical mistakes in your essay. However, I'm not a native speaker. Just very few cases of word selections are to be considered. For example, we do not say "abnormal" to describe an email, "unusual" would fit well.
Keep up the good work and Good luck,
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The first is .....Dear friend of mine in 2005; virtual equipment fixed.....; logical thinking.... I guess that in such a way it will sound better.