Could you please help me with this Scholarship application questions. I am applying for Master of Arts in Development Studies at the University of the South Pacific. The questions are:

1. Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?

2. How will the proposed study contribute to your career*?
3. How have you contributed to solving a challenge and to implementing change or reform*?
(Be specific and include: what aspect/s of your leadership knowledge, skills and practice you consider to be well established and effective; which people or organisations you worked with to solve the problem; and what creative methods were used.)
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4. Please:- a) give up to three practical examples of how you intend to use the knowledge, skills and connections you will gain from your scholarship. Possible tasks can be personal and/or professional; and
b) list any possible constraints you think may prevent you from achieving these tasks.*:
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Please answer these quesitons for me.


We won't write it for you, but if you prepare a draft of your own and post it here we can take a look and offer suggestions. We can help with grammar and vocabulary, but you are the one who knows what you want to say.

purple lime 153Please answer these questions for me.
purple lime 1531. Why did you choose your proposed course and institution*?

How are we supposed to know your reasons and why you picked this school? Our reasons might be entirely different from yours.

You must answer these personal questions according to your own interests and situation.