Does the phrase "ask for the moon" mean to ask or wish for something which could be impossible to get?

If so, can I use "cry" instead of "ask" in the phrase?
I think I came across an expression "cry for the moon" before.
If there are any other verbs that I can use instead of "ask" without changing the meaning of this phrase, could you please teach me?

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Does the phrase "ask for the moon" mean to ask or wish for something which could be impossible to get? ... Yes it does Candy, ... could or MAY be impossible.
Yes, 'cry for the moon' would have a very similar meaning, but whilst 'cry' can mean to ask or demand, it can also mean to 'shed tears', so that usage may be a lttle ambiguous.
ask for the moon, yes ... though i have honestly never heard of cry for the moon. there is also the expression "shoot for the moon", which means to attempt something extremely difficult OR to spare no expense
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The Collins English Dictionary defines:

cry for the moon = to desire the unattainable

Under the "ask" and "ask for" entries, there is no reference about "ask for the moon". Of course, this doesn't mean that we can't use this expression.

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Thank you so much for answering my question Emotion: smile
All of you have helped me a lot with this. Thanks!

Now I'd like to ask one more thing.
Can I use "wish" for this phrase?
wish for the moon
.....Have I made a strange expression?
[Y]Not at all Candy, but where will you put it?
There is no harm in making strange or unusual expressions as long as the context is such that the audience doesn't become TOO confused.
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You can also say you are "over the moon", meaning that you are very pleased.
It seems I often make an unusual expressions accidentally Emotion: smile
Though I 'm not trying to do that....(but sometimes I enjoy it.)

I think I need to study more to reduce my mistakes in my English.
Practice makes perfect!?
It's nice to hear that you enjoy English!
Have fun! Emotion: smile
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