Hi, Could someone help me, please?

1) The children asked Father Christmas for a house on wheels. I found that we use ASK FOR to make a request for help, advice, information. So I understand the sentence is wrong.

Is the following correction right?

They asked Father Christmas to bring them a house on wheels. (I understand this is correct).

Any other suggestion? Thank you.

2) There is a story that says that the main character found a job that included a home.

The person who was retelling the story (11 years old) said: John got a job and a house, because the house came with the salary. I understand this is completely wrong.

What do you think about my correction?

xxx got a job and a house because the house was included in the salary. I know it sounds better to say that the job included a home, but I want to use his idea.

Do you agree? any suggestion.

Thank you
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Are you aware that using 'adorable' in that way is very strange, Soprano? Small pets, children's artistic efforts, children and amantes are adorable.
Hi MrM,

Come on, admit it. It was adorable. Emotion: embarrassed

Thank you very much for your thanks, Soprano.Emotion: smile

Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
You may think it's cute, Clive, but I presume that a learner would want to know when they were using a word strangely. For instance, if Soprano is female, 'adorable' sounds flirtatious here, and if Soprano is male, it sounds gay.
Thank you for your comment Mr.Micawber.

First of all, I am a woman but my intention was not to flirt. I just answered spontaneously after learning something that touched me (something new and very useful for me).

Thank you, since you are teaching me that I have to pay attention who I have to use that word with.

Great point!

Thank you, again!