I want to ask a question from hitchhikers. I wonder where should I post the question?
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I'll point out this thread to him.
Can you tell me which browser you are using on your phone, including the version number if you can find it (probably somewhere in "Settings")?
it's Google Chrome version number is 54.0.2840.85.
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Do I post the question in this thread?
sundarnazDo I post the question in this thread?
You can, or you can PM him if it's something that doesn't concern everyone.
Hi hitchhikers!
As you wrote "I'm a Web developer (not a teacher)," What, then, inspired you to develop this site? How did you get this awesome idea?
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Sending him Private message seemed to me rude. Don't want to do anything that might offend him. messing with him could prove dangerous.Emotion: smoking
Blue JayI'll point out this thread to him.
Hi Blue Jay! I think this, too, has slipped your mind. Never mind I know you are very busy.
I did mention it to him, but he is very busy at present with all the changes that are going on here. There are a lot of discussions going on about what we like and dislike about the new look, so he has been busy tweaking things as well as tracking down and fixing little bugs that keep showing up.
Let me give you an answer to the question though, to tide you over. Hitchhiker's parents are ESL teachers with an English language school in Malta. He grew up more interested in programming than teaching English, but he knew there were many people who wanted help with their English as well as people who would like to help them, and so he decided to build a website that would bring "learners" and "teachers" together.
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