My question is about english conversation rather than grammar and stuff....

I can easily comprehend and fluently speak english, but the problem is that I use way too many words to express myself.

for eg: If I need to ask a librarian if she has recieved the book that I requested throug online inter-library loan, I would ask it like this:

I requested a book from UTM through inter-library loan, I was wondering if you have recieved the book yet....

Now, thats too wordy....how can I ask the same question in fewer words ??
You could just say

Hi, is the book I requested in yet, please?
Or shorter,
Hi, is my book in yet, please?

Maybe I'm wordy myself, but I don't see any objection to your way of asking. The beginning gives the listener enough background to know what you are talking about, and the second part seems appropriately polite.
If you insist on something shorter, then note that Clive has already given some good suggestions, and I don't feel a need to add anything to those.

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okk...so I cn say...I requested a book through inter-library loan, is it in yet ??

THanks guys
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