Hello everyone. How do you ask someone's height?

1. How tall are you?
2. How short are you?
3. How is your height?
4. How much is your height?
sunny123How tall are you?
That's the one.
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fivejedjon sunny123How tall are you?That's the one.
thank you. Is it also correct to ask .... "What is your height?"
sunny123 Is it also correct to ask .... "What is your height?"?

lf you answer qoustion about height we answered this qoustion put

(1 meter 88) and(6 feet 2)

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Sorry, but what is "quostion", anyway?

quostion is a spelling error. It should be question.

I'm 6'2 and i'm 14 ( actually i will turn 14 in july this year)

If there's anyone who was 6'2 when he was 13-14 answer me.

How tall are you now so i could know.

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How much is your height?