I apply to an scholarship "Master of Industrial Management", but I do not understand clearly it's requirements. Therefore, I hope that I will have your help to more understand about that.

  • A pdf file describing previous studies, motivations and professional project. The report has to be written in English. Relate your motivation to your background, education, research experience, career planning and your personal vision.
  • A curriculum vitae in the European format.
I have some confusions as following:
  • I do not understand what do they intend I do when said "professional project"?
  • If previous studies, motivations and professional project is described in a file, do I need to repeat my academic achivements in the motivation? (Do you think it is repetitive?)
Besides, I have other questions about preparing CV:
  • In this case, how many pages should an motivation have? because they require many things in an motivation (experience, planning, vision...)
  • They ask me for my vision, do you think I should write something exaggerated like: changing industry achieve their addmision?
Thank you very much.
Anon, I hate to see your post going unanswered, but I think it's because we just don't know the answers to these questions. It would be great if someone who volunteered here was also an admissions officer at a program similar to the ones that people apply for here, so you could get good advice about what to include.

Personally, I think a very brief summary of your academic achievements in your motivation letter sets the stage and isn't repetitive, as long as you keep it short.

I think plans to change an entire industry's infrastructure is a rather large, far-reaching vision and probably out of scope for what they are looking for, but I can't say for sure. I think limiting it to what you think you can achieve in your first five years would be fine.
Dear Grammar Geek,

Thank you for your replying.

Do you think that asking for writting a "professional project" is usual like asking for writting a motivation? and we must know by ourself what should be included in that project?
In your opinion, should I ask the admissions officers of that program about details of the "professional project"? Is it a stupid and careless question for them?

Best regards,
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Hello Nana,

No, I would guess that a professional project means work you have done in "real life" that is applicable to the program of study, or perhaps a study you have done, like a thesis. I don't associate it with motivation.

I don't think there anything wrong with calling the admissions office and asking for clarification on what sort of details they are looking for, particularly if English is not your first language.

I wish I had more information for you, but I don't. Best of luck!

(P.S. - Note that writing has only one T.)
Dear Grammar Geek,

Would you talk more details about the "profesional project"? I still do not image what I should write in that project. How can I describe my work or my thesis like an project? how many parts should it have? What is the structure of a project?

For example, my thesis is "Case-Based Reasoning" in sofware design, and most of what I've done relates to IT. Therefore, the only thing which is applicabe to the program of "Industrial Management" is experiences. However, I am afraid that if I say in the project I will have nothing to say in motivation. Emotion: sad.

Thank you

Best regards,
Dear Grammar Geek,
I m so headstrong. I tried to bother you instead of asking the officer of that program.

I will find out more information and ask for your help later.

Thank you. Your warm help really made me more self-confident

Best regards,
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It's not a bother at all, but you're just asking about things that we don't know about and we don't want to give you bad advice.