Give me the meaning of the 'assume your identity' in the next context, please. I can't get it.


Some criminals engage in "dumpster diving," going through garbage cans or communal dumpsters to obtain copies of checks, credit card or bank statements, or other records that typically bear your name, adress, and even your telephone number. These types of records make it easier for criminals to get control over accounts in your name and assume your identity,.


What does "assume your identity."?

my guss

1. They can guess your name and address....

2. They can pretend as you. I mean, they can take over your identity and act like you.

What is the good translation?

They don't ACT like you - they don't suddenly start trying to pretend to be you in real life.

They simply use your name and personal information to buy things. They open credit card accounts, charge a whole lot, and then (of course) never pay it. They get the benefit, you get the bill, because eventually the credit card company finds where you really live.
They assume your identity
Jisu98They can pretend as to be you.
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I'm not a native speaker. My guess would be #2. The thief can use the victim's identity as his own
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