Could you please tell me which one is correct? at death or in death? For instance, in this sentence:

He was unlucky in/at death.


I wouldn't use either. I would say something like:
-He suffered an unlucky death.

Still...Americans don't describe death as being unlucky...unfortunate, yes...unlucky...no.
Thank you!
Can we say "He had the same problem at death as he had had in life: a stubborn soul." ?
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Yes! 'At' is definitely the right choice here. Another side comment is that it would be better if you just say 'had' instead of 'had had.'
Thanks so much! Emotion: smile
I believe the past perfect had had is preferable here, given the content of the sentence.
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Okay, I take back what I said. Technically, had had is better within the above context. Emotion: smile