Could you tell me which preposition is correct in this sentence: "I met her at/in a coffee shop."

Thank you.
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I don't think bar and party are comparable when it comes to at and in because I met her in the party doesn't work at all. Sometimes there is no choice between at and in. I think this probably always happens when there is no way to conceptualize the grammatical object as a physical object with an inside, as is the case with party.
On the other hand, meeting then becomes a problem. A meeting doesn't have an inside, but we can say in a meeting.
Hey I also have a question dealing with at/in. Is it OK to say "he wanted the structure to be built AT the center of the city?" The word "in" is commonly used with center, but is this correct?
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“I met the Jones at Tony’s birthday party.”

"I ran into Bill Gate at/in a software syposium"

I think they sound and work perfectly fine.
What is the difference between 'in a meeting' and 'at a meeting' ?
Yoong LiatWhat is the difference between 'in a meeting' and 'at a meeting' ?
In: looking more from the inside
At: looking more from the outside
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See In vs at.

CalifJimSee In vs at.


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We will meet coffee shop

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