I can eat a least five Dosas. Please don't give me more.

I have to correct this sentence.

1.I can eat at least five Dosas.Please don't give me less.

2.I can eat at most five Dosas. Please don't give me more.

Whic one is correct?

I want few example on "at least/at most" that described the same meaning as above.

(2) is much better-- both are logically possible, but (1) is rude and unusual.


'I studied hard, so I am sure I got at least a B on the test (and maybe even an A).'
'That child is not old enough to buy cigarettes; he is 15 at most (and probably even younger).'

PS: What's a dosa?

"Dosa" is very delicious food item in India and is made of "rice".

I am very grateful to you for giving such wonderful ideas.