When do we use these prepositions? I always have trouble deciding what the right preposition to use in my sentences. For instance:



SEE YOU ON or SEE YOU IN or SEE YOU AT (date and place)

What is the general rule regarding the use of these prepositions?


Thank you for patiently answering my questions. All the best for everyone!
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chiageraldineLIVE ON or LIVE IN or LIVE AT
Use "on" when it is a flat place and you are living on top of it:

I live on the fourth floor of the high rise building.
He lives on the river.
I live on the plains of Texas.
The Native Americans lived on the mesa.
Penguins live on the ice.

Use "in" if you can go inside of it: (It has boundaries or walls)

He lives in a houseboat on the river.
Mark lives in an apartment.
The fox lives in a foxhole.
The elephants live in the forest.
John lives in Washington, DC.
The fish live in the river.

Bears live in caves in the winter. They live on icebergs in the summer.

Use "at" if it is a location that you can point to on a map.

I live at 550 South Main Street.
I live at the cormer of Oak Street and Pine Street.
chiageraldineSEE YOU ON or SEE YOU IN or SEE YOU AT (date and place)
Use on for a day or date: I'll see you on Tuesday. I'll see you on August 10th.

Use in for a place that you can go inside, or a during a period of time that has a start and end. (boundaries of space or time)

I'll see you in New York.
I'll see you in September.
I'll see you in 2010.

"at" is a location on a map or a time of day. ( a point on a map, or a point in time)

I'll see you at the office. (a location on the map).
I'll see you in the office. (inside a room )
I'll see you at the library. (map location)
I'll see you in the library. (inside the building)

I'll see you at 3:00.
I'll see you at 1:00 on Monday.
Useful. But when referring to a web page?
My guess is this:
Visit our website AT www.FGHFJHGFJGHFHG.com
ON the home page, click on BIO
IN the BIO tab, you'll find more info.

Does this sound correct?
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What if you are suggesting something "on your website" or "in your website"? In or On?
On a website.
"which is to be master– that's all." ???- i think it should be "to be mastered" -
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I don't know why you would argue with Lewis Carroll's English, but there is nothing wrong with his sentence.
do I say I would like to focus on public policy or I would like to focus in public polciy when choose a course of study? Thanks...EM
'Focus on + topic'. You will need to learn these verb + preposition combinations individually.
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