Dear teachers,

Can I say this?

Currently it is raining sadly where I live.Is it raing right now at your end?

Thank you in advance
You can put the question like that, certainly, Tuongvan, or you can leave out the at, and say Is it raining your end? The remark would be most usual if you are on opposite ends of something; if you were on the telephone, for instance.

I'm not so happy about the position of sadly in the first sentence. To rain sadly is quite poetic language and I'm not sure it's what you mean. If you mean that you are sad that it's raining, say Currently it is raining where I live, sadly. The two adverbs ending -ly are clumsy in the same sentence, and need separating. I'd prefer Sadly it's raining now where I live - that suggests mildly that you aren't there at the time, which makes the at your end a bit strange, so I'd say sadly it's raining here now, if that is what you mean.
Thank you Thomas Tompion.The siutaion I mean here is that I am living in province A and my friend is living in province B, which is 50 km away .Now where I live it is raining and the surroundings look very gloomy and I want to know whether it is raining where my friend is

Hopefully you will understand what I really mean
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Is it raining there? apt