How should I say:

1- Attached to this e-mail is:

-Cover letter

-Curriculum vitae

2- Attached to this e-mail are:

-Cover letter

-Curriculum vitae

Also, can I say:

3- Attached to this e-mail there is/are:

-Cover letter

-Curriculum vitae

Wich one is correct or is the most correct?

2. are.

I think you can just put this at the bottom of the letter:


Cover letter

Curriculum vitae


Is this your second post about this?

If not, let me repeat my earlier response.

The fundamental purpose of a cover letter is to say 'Attached is my resume'.

You don't need an additional email that says 'Attached is my cover letter'. That just shows the employer that you don't know what a cover letter is.

Just put the contents of your cover letter directly into the email, thus making the email become the cover letter.