Hi Guys,

I am working with a person in the writing section. He is writing to a university to get more information on their entrance requirements. He is from Poland and the university is in the UK. The university does not provide guidance for Polish students, though it does for students from other EU countries.

The sentence in question is,

"I am writing to you to ascertain your entrance requirements to your undergraduate law degree program for students from Poland."

I wrote the sentence but somehow it doesn't sit well with me. Any other ideas?

Please respond to the original post at [Help with formal letter writing to a university]

Feel free to make any other changes you feel appropriate. One question the other person has is, is "program" spelled "programme" in the UK?

Once you both have seen this message, it can be deleted.

Thank you!

Writing is not my forte, but I'll take a look.
As to "programme", I don't feel comfortable answering, since I speak and write only American English. "programme" does sound plausible, however.

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Thank you!

CalifJim and Mister Micawber,

Thank you for your assistance. I have advised Greg to use the information in your posts. Three heads are always better than one.

Again, thank you!