could you help me on this, please:

Is it more likely to say

Natural elegance with a passion for details


natural elegance with great attention to detail

Thank you very much in advance!

Can you show us your complete sentence, and tell us why you are writing it? eg is it part of a cover letter or a resume?

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It's supposed to be some kind of claim for a brand.

The word 'passion' is stronger, more flamboyant.

CliveHi, The word 'passion' is stronger, more flamboyant. Clive
Thank you Clive,

but I have a tiny question right here,

isn't one of the original sentences provided by the original poster somehow erroneaus?

I mean "great 'attention' to detail" doesn't sound as if it makes sense to me.

I'd rather say "great 'attempt' to detail" instead.

Just a thought, please do correct me if I'm wrong.
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Different meanings. Here's the idea.

great attention to detail I give details a lot of my attention. Sounds like I am good with details.

great attempt at detail I try hard to deal with details.