Hello, I'm now writing an opening to an essay about sex-education. I've written this:

Children grow up in a rapidly changing world where globalization and technological advancements expose them to a wide range of influences from around the world. They need to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which will allow them to explore their bodies and the hormonal changes, develop healthy and responsible relationships and make informed and responsible decisions in life.

*I need to add a topic sentence which will grab the readers' attention, but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone suggest a sentence? Thank you very much for the help..Emotion: smile

First, you need to tell us exactly what your teacher told you to write about. What are his exact words?

Is this your introductory paragraph. Introductions usually focus on your hypothesis for the whole essay. Has your teacher explained this term 'hypothesis' to you yet?

Hi, she didn't explain it so well. She simply told me to focus on 3 benefits of sex education and to write an essay about it. She then told me that my introduction wasn't good because I didn't put any attention grabber.

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So your essay will just discuss the 3 main benefits of sex education?

Are you writing multiple paragraphs, ie the usual essay format? Or are you just writing one paragraph?

Your current first sentence suggests you are going to write about the way globalization and technology influence children. That is not really your topic.

Yes, I'm writing multiple paragraphs... my points are:

  1. Children become more responsible regarding their sexuality.
  2. Children can understand the bad consequences of it.
  3. Sex education can prevent sexual problems in the future.

I just need one sentence that will grab the readers' attention....

How about beginning by describing all the porblems of someone 100 years ago who never had any sex education?

2. Children can understand the bad consequences of it. What does 'it' refer to?

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