Is there any difference between an attorney and a lawyer? I remember someone told me they are different but can't remember the differences.

Thanks in advance!
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I don't about US English but in the UK only the word lawyer is used.
In Australia, the State Attorney General is the first law officer of the state.
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In TV series from the US, they always say attorney instead of lawyer. Another British vs American difference?
Actually I've heard both which is why I'm asking for the difference.
I meant they always say attorney when referring to lawyers that appear in courts. I suppose they don't call a solicitor an attorney. A solicitor is also a lawyer.
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I have a feeling that an attorney is a criminal lawyer. You could be right that lawyer is a generic title for those who practice law. Let's see what the natives say. Thanks for your reply.

The following is what I've found.

attorney Show phonetics
noun [C]
FOR lawyer:
a defense attorney
an attorney for the plaintiff
a civil/criminal attorney

In the U.S., my father was a lawyer -- his business card read "attorney at law". As far as I know, a person who has passed the bar exam is known as an attorney or as a lawyer, sometimes addressed as "counselor".
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