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My name is Dwayne and I badly need your help regarding a motivational letter as an au-pair in France. I was asked to produce for the visa application. I already write a draft and I hope someone can read and check it for any mistakes or corrections. Please guys any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You may post it in our Letter Writing Forum ( http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/FormalGeneralBusinessLetter-Writing/Forum5.htm ) and a member might review it for you.

Dear family,

I would like to express my interest in the Au pair position that you are proposing because I believe that we share a lot of common things together and we are on the same page of what we are looking for! Personally, being an Au pair for me is a chance for me to fully be a part of a family, where I can interact with the kids (to keep my inner child side activated) and with the parents to have a deep understanding of the culture and how it works, eventually to make unforgettable memories for both sides. Also, I wish to travel, make friends and widen my point of view as much as possible, that's the right way to grow wholesomely! Another big reason: to be able to speak French fluently; and to get used to life in France as I do want to further my studies after my stay at some point.