This is my voice.

I've never been to another countries.

So, I'm wondering whether I pronounce English correctly.

Please listen my voice. And estimate please.

Could you make out what I'm getting at?

What kind of pratice is needed to improve my speaking ability?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Here is my article.


The world’s largest library is in Washington, D.C. It has more than one hundred thirty million items in its collection. That includes more than twenty million books. It also includes maps, movies, music recordings and television shows.

The Library of Congress serves as a research center for the legislature. It also serves as a center of cultural history for the American people. Now the Library of Congress is sharing some of that history with people who live far from Washington.

The "Song of America" tour is part of a major program by the library to celebrate creativity across America. The first part of the program celebrates creativity in music. The classical singer Thomas Hampson has been presenting a traveling concert series.


Your pronunciation is basically quite good, Harmatan, and I am surprised to hear that you have not been to an English-speaking country.

You have an accent, of course-- but that is not something you really need to worry about. Your English is quite intelligible. If you want something to work on, practice your /th/ sound, which still sounds like /d/, and sharpen your final /t/ sounds at the ends of words and sentences.

To improve, I can suggest nothing more efficient than listening to native-English tapes and attempting to imitate them. Tape yourself doing this, and you can then listen to yourself in order to see what needs to be practiced.
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Really really thanks for replying. Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile

I feel soooO good due to your praises.

Nowadays my country's(South Korea) atmosphere about English is quite hot.

I'm 22. And I'm planning to go to Canada to improve my English ability.

I'll keep your advice in my mind and I'll try my best!

I'll post another thing my improved English as soon as possible.

I really hope so. Emotion: smile

Have a nice day!
Your speaking abilities surprised me as well. They are very comprehensible and I could understand you very well. You do have an accent, but accents are hard to get rid of, and as long as your pronunciation is fine, accents don't matter.

My suggestions would be to:
1. Break up a few words more noticeably (make sure words don't blend together), such as in between television shows and also serves.
2. don't forget to pronounce the word a, as in "part of a major program". Usually it would sound like [uh] (i don't know of an example to give in your native language), but that is the most common mistake, in my opinion, of English speakers with your accent.

Mister Micawber suggested to listen to English recordings and compare yourself to them, and this is absolutely the best thing you can do improve your skills. If nothing else, I would suggest this the most.

I thought you spoke very well, and with those little changes, you'll be excellent. [Y]

@ Mister Micawber:
I agree with the /th/ sounding like /d/ pronunciation/suggestion, but I somewhat disagree with sharpening the /t/ at the end of a word. In [American] English (I'm assuming you're familiar with linguistics from your notation) a /t/ at the end of a word is usually a glottal stop, and not actually aspirated. If I misinterpreted your statement, or you disagree with me, please let me know. Also, I am talking about American English, you may be referring to a different dialect. Emotion: smile
Hi, Gazapo Emotion: smile

I really appreciate your advice.

I'll keep it in my mind!!!!

I want to pronounce English as a American native speaker.

And.. I'm wondering what is the meaning of 'accent'.

Accent means wrong stress?, a kind of dialect?, too emphasizing?, just my own characteristic? or something?

How can I get rid of my accent....? Emotion: smile

So thanks!!!!
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Hey Harmatan,

The way I use accent here, is accent basically means your own characteristic of speaking. It's like saying I can tell you're not a native English speaker, but I can still understand you fine.

An example in your recording would be your pronunciation of world's. When you say it, you don't pronounce the /r/, so it sounds like wold's. It's noticeable, but not absolutely crucial; like I said, I can still understand you just fine.

However, the best way to get rid of an accent is to try and imitate native speakers' pronunciation of words and sentences. It is difficult to get rid of an accent, but it is possible. It sounds like you're determined to get rid of it, so definitely I recommend you listen to recordings and watch movies or shows in English and try to replicate what you hear. Constantly conversing with native English speakers will help immensly as well.