Dear Sir,

We herewith submit you audit and compliance report, after rectifying irregularities by us. We once again assure you that once corrected the irregularities will not arise again in the future.

Dear senior members. Please guide and suggest me I have to reply to my management, where I have to ensure them once corrected irregularities will not araise again in the future.
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I think the opening sentence you have made, is already clear that you are willing to do something better in the future.. maybe you just need to give some more explaination about the chronology of the problems and the solution of these problems, of course your explaination should be supported by technical data in some spreadsheet.. and don't forget to apologize for what already happened..

There will be no problem that can not be solved as long as you can explain it clearly and as it is.. transparency will melt the hardest situation, eventhough sometimes it will be very bitter for you.. I hope you can make it clear and have a good success for you..
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This isn't a proper solution of it.
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well sorry then.. I just try to help.. Emotion: smile
I'm in need of complete reply, which I have to present dear.
Dear Sir,
We herewith submit to you our audit and compliance report, after having rectified the irregularities which were revealed. We once again assure you that we have implemented measures so that these irregularities will not arise again in the future.
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I'm fully satisfy with your reply, and the same is being delievered to the auditors and compliance officer.


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