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MoffetIt's a nice country, if you wish to stay.... people here are friendly, in fact, I have never seen people smiling to each other (I mean, to strangers) like this back in my country! If I have to say something about the downside, it may be the weather.... in some parts, it can be very harsh. But always there will be a blue sky after rain Emotion: big smile

Actually the image Australia give us is always the biggest city Sydeny.The bridge across the bay and the Sydeny Theater,than the widely desert in the west.any other image about the Australia?
Hi Chaobo,

You can't forget about the big surfs on the Ausie coast...... Emotion: wink Not that I'm a surfer, but it's really a big part of this country, I have to say. Big waves, long white beaches, blue sky....... and of course bushlands and coalas! Though I'm in another state, I frequently travel to Sydney..... but the town itself doesn't really leave me with big impression, to be honest. I love Sydney (it's really a beautiful city, its landscapes, which is the combination of water and greeneries, is just awesome), and I like busy urban lifestyle as well, but I don't think it's something that will represent Australia (note: this is just my personal opinion!). But I agree with you that the Sydney opera house and the harbour bridge (? not sure about the name) are probably the most famous architecture in Australia!

It was nice to hear from you.
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Sounds good~~.I real must earn enough money and travel to Australia one day,enjoying the sunshine on the beach.Woo,that's so fantastic!
Hi Chaobo,

Sorry I forgot to sign in when I replied to your post before. The anonymous reply to you was from me.

Yeah, it would be a great experience to come and travel around this big continent..... I haven't done it yet..... I've just been travelling back and forth in between two cities, mostly.

Hope you can make it one day! Emotion: smile
Is there anyone not from Australia who has been watching the Commonwealth games?
Has this affected your impression of Australia?

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Hello, I am from Singapore and I have watched certain sporting events of the Commonwealth Games recently. Melbourne seems like a cosmopolitan city that accommodates diverse cultures, so it's a perfect place to hold interntaional events like the Games. I was very impressed by the infrastructure, beautiful scenery and enthusiastic people in Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

I have been to Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the Aussies are a group of people who really enjoys life and takes good care of their environment. There are a few signs of discrimination towards Asians while I was there, but it was still tolerable, and it didn't tarnish the generally good impression I have of Australia. The people are friendly, and it's great that the cashiers in stores and supermarkets greet customers enthusiastically despite being busy and perhaps tired after a long day at work.
I live in Finland on the other side of the Earth. Finland and Australia are very different, probably the opposites, when speaking about the climate. In Finland winter is harsh (long, cold, dark, snowy) and summers short but sunny (OK, it rains often, but otherwise it's just beatiful, fresh and everything is growing).

In Australia there is always very hot (no different seasons, I think?) and dry. Every third Australian gets skin cancer. There are deserts, snakes and insects. Not many trees, I guess. Eucalyptys-trees break out fires. Of course there are also "funny" animals ( at least funny looking) like coalas (my childhood favourite) and kangaroos. Too many rabbits. Giant frogs which don't die even if you run over them by a car. Yabbies (not sure that I spelled that correctly) which are some kind of crabs that are farmed in Australia.

Australia is fascinating place but I wouldn't want to live there because of the hot climate. I just couldn't cope with that.

PS. I saw an episode of some kind of British/Australian reality-show which name was something like "Seeking for Sheila". Few English women come to Australia to be "Sheilas" (wifes) for Australian farmers. It wasn't very good but I realised how vast Australia is.
I've never been to Australia,but one day I wish to visit it!Above all I'm interested on Australia because of sports!Wallabies are one of the strongest rugby team in the world,and I like them a lot,and,above all,the swimmers..well,they're just the best in the world(I adore Ian Thorpe..as technique..ehm..and as look!He's so cute Emotion: wink)!I enjoyed myself so much watching Sideny 2000,beautiful places,high level competions and athletes,just fantasic! Emotion: big smile

About other things concerning Australia I don't know so much(except Koalas,Kangoroo,Eucalyptus tree,Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman)..but I promise:I'll search something on this beautiful country! Emotion: embarrassed

Bye! Emotion: big smile
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I fancy koalas because they're so cute and cuddly. They sleep all day long on eucalypti and look charmingly naive. I'm very glad to hear that Brisbane is the home of koalas because I'll go to Brisbane next year and I'll have a opportunity to see koalas with my own eyes.
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