For many Australia is the dream land(because we tried in America but they didn't let us enter),

kangero(or how it is), deserets, surfing and more.

but what do you know and think about AUSTRALIA?
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Roo poo paper in Tasmania;)
Triple j radio - with loads of good music and the only Dr Karl, whose name is Polish;)
Adorable Missy Higgings and Ben Lee.
Hartley High The Heartbreakers.

Greetings to all Australians.
To the best of my belief australians have a pretty high living standard and that's what really counts, doesn't it? On the other hand, the blistering heat which Australia endures in the summer could be a drawback if you decided to settle down there.
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I will study at there.When I get to Australia,I will answer your topic.Emotion: smile
Australia is a potential country as Canada,wide land,small population,plently resource,high educated people~~~~~.And it's also a freedom democratic society.less pollution envionment.I think Australia and Canade will be the big power nation in the future,and I like them very much,I'd like to educate and immigrate to these two countries.
It's a nice country, if you wish to stay.... people here are friendly, in fact, I have never seen people smiling to each other (I mean, to strangers) like this back in my country! If I have to say something about the downside, it may be the weather.... in some parts, it can be very harsh. But always there will be a blue sky after rain Emotion: big smile
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Hello Moffet,

Nice to meet you.Welcome to EF.

Do you live in Victoria?


Hello Hepburngeng,

No.... I'm in another state, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find some nice people as soon as you arrive there though! (I read your posts on another thread, that you're looking for the people in Melbourne)

All the best Emotion: smile
Hi Moffet

You are really nice.

Thank you very much.
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