I seem to be the only person from Australia here (correct me if i am wrong)
So what pops into people's mind when they hear the word Australia? Kangaroos in the backyard? I sure hop not.
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Going to the beach at Christmas, AC/DC, "Romper Stomper", people who are fun to meet elsewhere in the world. Now I think of bad puns, too.

bad puns? ^^' oh dear.........I hope nothing wierd though. But i have to admit we do have weird Australian slng (if that is what you're refering to). ^^'
Here aew some....um...they are not slangs or puns......but 'Australian reductions' see if anyone can figure them out: (by the way, if it helps...it's a conversation)

1. Hiyamac.
2. Lobuddy.
3. Binearlong?
4. Cuplours.
5. Ketchanenny?
6. Goddafew.
7. Kindarthay?
8. Bassencarp.
9. Enysizetoum?
10. Cuplapowns.
11. Hittinard?
12. Sordalite.
13. Wachoozin?
14. Gobbaworms.
16. Rydonabbodum?
17. Igoddago.
18. Tubad.
19. Seeyaround.
20. Yeatakideezy.
21. Guluk.
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Australia? popular country in comparing to other Oceanic areas in my people's mind (Vietnam). Sidney harbor, Olimpic Sidney 2000 (when Vietnam got the first Olimpic medal (silver one in Taekwondo game)), good education for intl students, Rugby, H.Kewell and Mark Viduka (soccer players are playing in English Premier league), Russell C, N Kidman, Kylie (beautiful singer)...so on...and such a beautiful sunny country.
warm wishes

Are you telling me you didn't mean this:

So what pops into people's mind when they hear the word Australia? -->Kangaroos<-- in the backyard? -->I sure hop not.<--

If you didn't, then I'll change what I wrote. Now when I think of Australians, I think of unintentional puns.

PS-That's a conversation about fishing.
ops.*sweat *** Um..forgot an 'e' on the end of 'hope'........*** well what can I say...we all make mistakes sometimes......right?
Well Australia to me, is a huge cauldron of different cultrures. It's really great to walk down the street and see so many different kinds of people...it makes things so interesting. Around 2/3 of my school is bilingual and I like the peacefulness that exists between very different ethnic communities. Although we don't have a kick-*** prime minister...I like the warmness everyone threat each other. But there are of course the down side of living so far from the countries in the northen hemisphere...we get games and other new electronic gadget later than a lot of countries and it is not utopia either...we do have our problems.
Oh well, I would love to hear from more people on their thoughts ^^. Hehe...bad puns.....No one can beat the dubbed version of Pokemon in their use of bad puns.
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One of my techers is Australian previously cultural attache in Japan then in Malta. Highly dedicated. Another Australian just walked in excellent with computers He has just joined us at Elanguest. He says Hi Mate.Cheers
Kangaroos in the back yard? Sure! Not metro areas of course, but not so uncommon in rural areas (snakes, possums and drop-bears too).

David, please say G'day to the computer guy for me. Ask him about the drop-bear problem in Australia - oh, and the Yowies (two of Australia's lesser known marsupials)!
He is hard at work at the other end at the moment i'll ask Colin who speaks Japenese like a native.
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