A: My business is not doing well. More and more people are ditching their cars and taking the public transportation.
B: Is there anything I can help?
A: I'm thinking of selling the business, but right now is probably not a good time. You know, the selling price will probably be much lower than it was a year ago.
B: Right. Do you think you can get through this recession? Economists say it's just the beginning and nobody knows when it'll end. If you're already struggling, I'm afraid you may not get through it. You might want to consider cutting your losses.
A: You've got a point. At the same time, I'm worried I'll be unemployed as I've been in this business almost since I graduated from college. I don't think I'll get a job in this industry considering the industry is shrinking.

Are there any mistakes?
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Could you give an example of public transportation?
Honest answer - No
But maybe someone else can help.
The word 'transport' is BrE, whereas 'transportation' is AmE.
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Yoong LiatThe word 'transport' is BrE, whereas 'transportation' is AmE.

I think this is definitely the case. In AmE you seldom hear anyone talking about taking public transport.
Thank you, Yoong Liat and RayH. I'm glad it's now clear.
In my opinion, It all started with the Iraq war . Increase in energy cost, we all paying the price for the war in Iraq. Why buy a new car? If you cant aford to drive it any where becauce of high Gasoline prices, beside the big oil company's and the goverment are not interested to lower the energy cost they are sleeping in the same bed togetter. We didn't make any mistakes, its all about greed and money and corrupt buseness.
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