I don't know how to express the following meaning.

I'm planning to buy a car (by/through/on) the auto loan.

Looking forward to your ideas. Thank you.
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Thank you, Mike! That explains a lot of things... Lol!
Maybe we should add a comprehension exercise to that thread.
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That's a great idea, MrP. But who would be able to get all the answers right? I know I wouldn't.
Hmm. Good point. But I think as long as they showed their working out, it'd be ok.
O.K. But first I think we should get permission from Threepod and Billie.
I'll try to raise Billy. Would you mind giving Threepod a holler?
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To tell you the truth, Mike, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of introducing 3P to the concept of "showing your working-out". Who knows where it would end.

It might be better to let sleeping cavies lie.