This is not a language question, but does anyone know a convenient way to automount and play (using one's nominated player - in this case Zoom) DVD ISO files from the hard drive?

I guess I'm really looking for a 'one click' solution if possible.

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I've got a problem..... I also downloaded an .ISO file. I put it in the Deamon Tolls but it seem like there is no cd in it. It says "Please enter CD". I tried DT and Alcohol 120 but it's all do same... What Should I do???

I've run into this problem before and the chances are that if you have tried to load the ISO with more than one program and failed, its probably a corrupt file.
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Have you mounted other .iso images, or is this your first try?
the program i use is called MagicISO it is totally reliable used for burning not playing though
You need to download a crack file and replace the exe. file in ur game folder with the crack one. it should work then. try typing it into google. good luck
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to mike in japan

I haven't heard about truly one-click solution. In all cases you have to do some action by your hands. If you want something smart, you could install any usual simulation program, and then add to context menu in explorer extra action, eg "Mount ISO-file as a virtual drive". But it isn't trivial solution and you better forget about it and just use Daemon tool or anything else in standard way.

to Anon

Maybe file is demaged. Try to open it in explorer and see what it tell you. Secondly, check if your Daemon Tools works correctly, try to make your test ISO-file.
Thanks Merc. I'll have a look at adding something to the context menu. I didn't realise that was possible manually.

Cheers :-)
Mike, do you know any programming languane? I suppose without this adding of extra point to context menu will be unreal or very difficult.
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Hi, Merc.
No, I'm afraid to say my only experience with programming was Basic on a TRS80, a Z80 powered thingy (I believe Z80s are still used to control electric doors and other such 'dumb' devices) a long time ago.
I'm pretty used to using DemonTools now, so I guess I'll just continue with that.
Thanks again :-)
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