This is not a language question, but does anyone know a convenient way to automount and play (using one's nominated player - in this case Zoom) DVD ISO files from the hard drive?

I guess I'm really looking for a 'one click' solution if possible.

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Anyone heard of software that works something like itunes but for .iso files?

I'm making disc images of all my DVD's and want to be able to browse a list and double click to mount. Basically the plan is just to have a digital DVD library where instead of inserting a disc i open a file.

Does anything like this exist?
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try "starfuck", search for it, free. it can mount image files even without a single click. It creates shortcuts so you can doubleclick the shortcut and the image file automatically mounted and played by designated programs like games.
Go for Samsiso decoder v1.1
If you use DT, check out the add on for Daemon Script. I use this for my 4 year old son who does awful things to CDs. I created ISO images on the hard drive and use Daemon script to mount an unmount the images on the fly. He just double clicks the icon, DS calls DT to unmount any image present in 1, mount the new image and run the program. When he closes, ds tells dt to unmount. It works well.
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Lol... I know the feeling, my four year old daughter does the same thing.
Thanks, Anon. I'll have a look for it now.
Brilliant! Thanks!
Could anyone help me with mounting or opening ISO's?... I've been trying to figure this out for atleat 4 hours now...

I've extracted the iso, and have tried to open it, though the game says I need a CD, I've saved the info. onto the cd, though it says incorrect cd now...?

I have a "no-cd crack" which I've tried opening, though I don't know what to apply it to, the game also came with a crack, though I don't know what to do with it, lol... any help would be highly appreciated
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Hi Anon,

You don't need to extract ISO's. You burn them onto a CD as a complete, intact ISO file, or use something like Daemon Tools to mount (open) them.
Your CD writing software should have a "Write ISO Image" option.

Good luck!
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