This is not a language question, but does anyone know a convenient way to automount and play (using one's nominated player - in this case Zoom) DVD ISO files from the hard drive?

I guess I'm really looking for a 'one click' solution if possible.

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Mike In JapanHi Anon,

You don't need to extract ISO's. You burn them onto a CD as a complete, intact ISO file, or use something like Daemon Tools to mount (open) them.
Your CD writing software should have a "Write ISO Image" option.

Good luck!
I will just mention that you can mount an ISO-File to "extract" some files. It's not always necessary to burn them on CD. ISO-Files are in principle nothing else than a ZIP-File with specifics information.
As I said, I would like just mention it.
hello MIKE10:43:22 PM
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um i downloaded daemon tools and when i try to open it it says "platform is not supported."

what does this mean?
what do i do about it?
Is it possible you are trying to run something that your operating system doesn't support? A playstation disk on a Windows machine perhaps?
I use Daemon Tools.
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Yeah, me too. It seems to be the best :-)
Use VLC player, you can just open the iso file and it will play like a DVD
VLC player -- google it if you dont already have it -- can play dvd movies from iso files without mounting them first.
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Yeah, VLC is great! Another good one that can run ISOs without mounting them is SMPlayer.
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