This is not a language question, but does anyone know a convenient way to automount and play (using one's nominated player - in this case Zoom) DVD ISO files from the hard drive?

I guess I'm really looking for a 'one click' solution if possible.

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Yeah, VLC is great! Another good Open Source one is SMPlayer.
virtual clonedrive
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An option is to download XBMC for the PC. XBMC will play iso's directly, no mounting needed.
Mike in JapanHi Anon,You don't need to extract ISO's. You burn them onto a CD as a complete, intact ISO file, or use something like Daemon Tools to mount (open) them.Your CD writing software should have a "Write ISO Image" option. Good luck!
It really useful for me. Thanks you for the reply.
Ubuntu have a way to emulate the ISO without any program, it's easy. I don't know why too many people preffer Windows.
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