This is not a language question, but does anyone know a convenient way to automount and play (using one's nominated player - in this case Zoom) DVD ISO files from the hard drive?

I guess I'm really looking for a 'one click' solution if possible.

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I think Nero ImageDrive would work for you.

[url="http://www.nero.com/en/Nero_ImageDrive_prev.html "][/url]

I've used it before and found it very reliable.
I use the Daemon tools.I am not forced to burn image to a disk. The daemon tool creates a virtual CD drive and with just one click(maybe two) you can mount the image onto his virtual drive.

Job done! Emotion: smile

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Thanks folks.

I am running an Alcohol virtual drive now and have used the Nero in the past, but I have to say don't seem to me to be the ideal solution. I'm yet to check the Daemon out. I'm not too familiar with the technical difficulties, but I'm really hoping there is a truly one-click solution (for an I.T. dummy like me) out there somewhere.

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I use Daemon Tools too. Nifty piece of software, quick, small and does the job.

You should check it out Mike.
Thanks El Hefe'
Will do Emotion: smile
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Yep, nice and tidy! Not quite one click, but I guess that may just not be possible.
Thanks to all for their help Emotion: smile
Hey Mike

A program that you might also want to check into is UltraISO. It's for creating ISOs not for playing them, but I use it alot for archiving my files and folders to later open with Daemon tools, so i just thought that you might find it useful. You can also use it to rip Cd/Dvds and turn them into ISOs.

An IT forum! about time tooEmotion: smile

This is my new favourite forum!
Thanks El Hefe'
I'll check it out.

I agree, great new forum! Once it catches on I think it will get quite busy, and undoubtedly very interesting and helpful.

Cheers Emotion: smile
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