23 seconds into the video:


Ebony Maw says this line:

Be thankful that your meaningless lives are now _____________________ to the balance...

I hear 'contributing', but most movie quotes say 'contributed'.

What do you hear?

Also, which is better, grammatically?


He says "contributing". This is also what is expected grammatically.


"Contributed" is apparently the correct word. He's saying: "You're now going to die (for sure), and, consequently, your meaningless lives ( - soon to be extinguished - ) are now (already) contributed to the balance..." "Contributing" would be ungrammatical in this interpretation.

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I clearly hear "contributing" in my ATH-M40fs headphones through my Sony STR-DH810 AV receiver fed by twin GTX 780ti's in SLI. No doubt about it.