Would you say that the underlined sounds OK to you?

The teacher asked the average-heighted/ medium-heighted students to stand on the right.


I'm not documenting it, but I'd say it's not idiomatic.

Unfortunately, we have to say something like "students of medium height."

Actually, I don't have "heighted" on my word list. Perhaps someone else does. Emotion: smile
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Thanks, Avangi! One more question.

If I am not mistaken, there is NO appropraite adjective for people having medium height, is there? So, how would a native speaker's ears react to the coinage short-heighted?


By the way, how should I pronounce your name--jee in the end or gi (the g of gate)?
This to me is quite an abstract statement as the standard and perception of height vary among cultures.

He is about meidum-height (no "ed")..... In the US, it is roughly preceived as 5'9" -6'0"; where as in Asia 5'6"-5'9" will meet that criterian.

His height is average; rarely expressed as "he is average-height" although it's still grammatical.
Mr. TomSo, how would a native speaker's ears react to the coinage short-heighted?

They would cringe! It sounds like a mispronunciation of short-sighted. What's wrong with simply "short"?

If your really wanted to ask about the possibility of "medium-heighted," I would say it should be avoided.

He was tall/a tall man.

He was short/a short man.

He was a man of average/medium height.
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Mr. Tom How should I pronounce your name?
Sadly, I never lived to hear my mother speak it; so you're allowed even more lattitude than with "short-heighted."

(I agree there should be such a term, after "short-sighted.")

My ears would probably prick up, as would my imagination. Emotion: smile

Hmm, I can't imagine they bleeped that! O well, Honi soit qui mal y pense!