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We are looking for "Aviation" English language trainers with a proven track record teaching English as a foreign language and welcomes unsolicited applications.

If you are a native or near-native English speaker with the following qualifications:

  • a Master's in Language Teaching, or
  • a Bachelor's degree in foreign language training, or
  • a qualified teacher (ESL academic qualifications Certificate in TESL), or
  • a Master's in Applied Linguistics
you fulfil the basic requirements for the job.

We look forward to hearing from you! Skills as a team player, the ability to work independently, and confidence in communicating with people from a different cultural background are essential. Some business experience, the desire to work in a fast-moving corporate environment, enthusiasm, dynamism and flexibility - as well as a sense of humour - will always count in your favour.

If you are interested in a freelance position with us and think you have the qualities and qualifications we are looking for, please email your CV (with a current photo), references and a good covering letter to <email removed, please add it to your profile>

Thank you for the post.
Hi I am interested in Becomming an english instructor. I am a qualified pilot with a bachelors degree. please contact me as Ihave only signed onto this site to find our more about this job opportunity.
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Why is aviation in inverted commas?

Who are you anyway? Normally reputable companies add their logo name address etc so we know who are looking at. This looks mightily suspicious. Leave well alone. Or maybe just ask them some key questions about the world of teaching English to aviation professionals. That should soon find them out. Beware of sharks.

Emotion: hmm

My name is Uber, I'm an aviation English Instructor. I've read your post on teaching aviation English abroad and become very interested. If you need more info on my background, let me know. this is my email: Email Removed

This job sounds perfect for me. I'm Currently doing a Doctorate in ELT (Masters already obtained) and had 3 years experience teaching English with MIAT ticketing and operations along with ATC and CAA. My main concern was cabin crew language training and transitional training for domestic pilots destined for international status and the PELA (not engineering). Altogether, I have nearly 25 years in the ELT business as well as being certified for IELTS speaking testing. Where can I contact you to find out more specifics about the vacancy and to pass on my CV?
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