We are looking for "Aviation" English language trainers with a proven track record teaching English as a foreign language and welcomes unsolicited applications.

If you are a native or near-native English speaker with the following qualifications:

  • a Master's in Language Teaching, or
  • a Bachelor's degree in foreign language training, or
  • a qualified teacher (ESL academic qualifications Certificate in TESL), or
  • a Master's in Applied Linguistics
you fulfil the basic requirements for the job.

We look forward to hearing from you! Skills as a team player, the ability to work independently, and confidence in communicating with people from a different cultural background are essential. Some business experience, the desire to work in a fast-moving corporate environment, enthusiasm, dynamism and flexibility - as well as a sense of humour - will always count in your favour.

If you are interested in a freelance position with us and think you have the qualities and qualifications we are looking for, please email your CV (with a current photo), references and a good covering letter to <email removed, please add it to your profile>

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Hello Joris:

I am Dean Bush at Pan Am Interntional Flight Academy. You requested information from me regarding testing. I have not yet heard from you. I ran into your posting here and I am curious to know what you are looking for. Are you trying to start a an aviation English school? Where is it? Belgium? I'm surprised since I've never met you at any of the functions that aviation English professionals have attended worldwide for the past 10 years. Please introduce yourself and tell me what your intentions are.

Dean Bush
Dear Dean,

Are you interested in a freelance position with us, then please send us your resume.

You are correct, we are indeed looking for language teachers that might be interested in delivering the 'On-site' Aviation English training component. Training will take place not only in Europe, but worldwide. Our Organisation has been providing Aviation Engish courses for quite some time, and we work together with other training organisations throughout the world.

Best regards.
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How are you today? I found Aerosolutions on this forum!

I e-mailed my CV and covering letter to you a couple of days ago.

Please let me know if there was any problem with the documents.

I will send them again if need be.

I look forward to talking to you soon!

Hi Gina,

Your CV has been taking into account. We will contact you soon.

Best regards,

Dear Dean.

Hi I'm new here and the only reason why I'm writing is because I need to see if you can help me in my quest for becoming certified in English Aviation. My name is Gabriela Serrano I'm from San Jose Costa Rica. Bach degree English teacher and translator with an experience in teacher of more than 7 years. I am having the opportunity here in Costa Rica of starting to teach a course for future commercial costarican pilots here in our capital, the thing is that I would like to do it right, meaning be certified first in order to teach. I don't want only to get the books, let's say from Oxfords new Aviation English and start teaching from there on. I do know some things about aviation (used to work with Delta and United here at our International Airport and trainings in Atlanta and Miami) but I need a place nearer me to go and certify myself. The only places I've searched so far are in Spain, Australia, Ireland. Can you give me a light here? Can you help me get my certification somehow?

I don't know if Joris can help me also. I need a guidance or the confirmation on how to do it.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you.


Gabriela Serrano
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I think we need to talk...I'm a Professional Pilot, ESL Instructor and a Certified Flight Instructor...I teach at both Daytona State College and Epic Aviation in Daytona Beach, Florida. Please contact me at my private email address at <email address removed by mod. Please register and add it to your profile only.>Thanks!
Hi Gaby!

I'm also looking for the opportunity to certify meself to work like an independent expert. All centers I had found are in the England. If it help you look at the links



Maycoll certificate is approved by ICAO. So you can be a teacher in any aircompany.

If you know some places in Europe I ask to share this information with me also. I live in Ukraine so I prefer Europian training center.

Good luck. Olga.
Hi Gaby and Olga,

After reading Olga's post, I thought it was worth noting that ICAO does NOT approve of any language school's programs, courses, or language proficiency tests. These private language schools simply create programs to include courses and/or tests that may or may not include the best practices established in ICAO Document 9835. Completion of such courses as those provided by Mayflower College do not guarantee employment with any airline or air traffic services authority.

Dean Bush

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