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Turkish and Azerbaijani languages are from the same "family", as well as our nations. We love Turkish people as well, because we are "Brother Nations" and ready to help each other everytime. [F]

I am from Azerbaijan, from the land of fire and tenderness and love my country very much. I hope from the year to year everybody will recognize our country, it`s beauty! Come to Azerbaijan! Emotion: wave
Hi Dessertflower

I'm from Northwestern Iran, Tabriz city and I'm a native speaker of Azerbaijani language. I would have written this post in Azerbaijani, but I think there are some accent variances between us, so I thought better of it Emotion: smile
I was hoping that you can help me decide on migrating to your country.
It would be really nice of you to read my post and answer it whenever it's appropriate for you.
please give me your email so that I can explain about my situation.

Also I was wondering if you could help me understand a few points about Azerbaijan.
What I want to know concerns Azerbaijani media. I know that Azerbaijan is on it's path to great development and I also understand that media, TV in particular, plays a significant role in a country's growth. So, why Azerbaijani media is so low in its performance? I hope you don't take this personal but I must admit that Iranian TV channels are much superior to Azerbaijani TV channels.
Do you have any information on this? I would be really grateful if you explains how things work in your country.
Thank you very much in advance.
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