When i say to anyone I am from Azerbaijan. Then ask he at first "Where is this land" I have never heared about this land.Yeah this land is my homeland and I am bally haughtily of my country.

Azerbaijan is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia.At the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south. The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (an exclave of Azerbaijan) borders Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, and Turkey to the northwest.Capital of Azerbaijan is Baku.

The earliest known inhabitants of what is today Azerbaijan were the Caucasian Albanians, a Caucasian-speaking people who appear to have been in the region prior to the host of peoples who would eventually invade the Caucasus. Islam spread rapidly in Azerbaijan following the Arab conquests in the 7th–8th centuries.

Armenia is adversary of Azerbaijan. The armenian terrorism made an unforgetabble Genocide to azeri people.

That is my paradice.
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I will look in a world map and keep in mind for a holiday plan. Interesting place to visit.[P]
wow *o* amazing,

to what place does the picture belong, it beautiful. really I like it please can you post more pictures, pleeeeeeez.

hey tell us about the places you go for picnics, and travels. and what about the weatrher??
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In the winter is it there very could and on the summer is it very hot. So 30 °C is normal there. The biggiest city is Baku.

Modern Baku consists of three parts: the Old Town (İçəri Şəhər), the boomtown and the Soviet-built town. Population (2003 census): 1,900,000¹. About 3 million people live in metropolitan area (due to large numbers of refugees and internally displace persons).

Arable land: 20.62%. Agriculture: cotton, grain, rice, grapes, fruit, vegetables, tea, tobacco; cattle, pigs, sheep, goats. Labor force: 5.45 million; agriculture and forestry 41%, industry 7%, services 52% (2001). Industries: petroleum and natural gas, petroleum products, oilfield equipment; steel, iron ore; cement; chemicals and petrochemicals; textiles. Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals, alumina.

Azerbaijan is one of the Oilrichest country.

I will post more pictures soon.
All I know about Azerbaijan is that you are Turkic and you and the Turks are like brothers,Azeri language is the closest language to Turkish,both of you don't like Armenia,I hope you have no troubles with Georgia Emotion: wink

In this links u can see more photos.
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IdanAll I know about Azerbaijan is that you are Turkic and you and the Turks are like brothers,Azeri language is the closest language to Turkish,both of you don't like Armenia,I hope you have no troubles with Georgia Emotion: wink
no. not much Emotion: smile

the only neighbour of Armenia with which she doesnt have problems is Georgia. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan closed the boundaries with Armenia. Especially the matter of karabag which has been annexed by Armenia is really a problem.

By the way, an Armenian citizen can only use Georgia in order to go to a foreign country, as far as i know.and if ever they have a problem with Georgia they will be imprisinoed in their country.hmm. i am trying to imagine..it would be very bad.
Yes conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is a big problem. Climax of this conflict was in 1988. Armenian terrorists had donated several riots in Azerbaijan.

On 25-26 of February 1992 Armenian Army captured Azeri town of Khojaly in northern Karabagh. Over 800 civilians were butchered in cold blood. Khojaly is a settlement of Azerbaijan situated in the strategic point on the road Agdam-Shusha, Khankendi(Stepanakert)- Askeran near the only airport in Karabakh. Its population is more then 7 thousand people.

This was not a war, this is a mass killing!… This is not a war, but this is a blood bath, gruesome bloodshed!

Terrorists cut the belly a pregnant woman got the unborn baby from it and killed the unborn.

Azerbaijan has tried to get back the areas with peacefull way, however, has not clapped.

This Genocide those was explained from Armenia is as awful as the Vietnam war, the world does not know about it because Russia stands behind Armenia . http://www.khojaly.net/photo.html (in this link u can see photos of this genocide and can read about this conflikt)
And.... Turkish people are living in Azerbaijan.. so They are speakin Turkish..
Im from Turkey and I love so much Azerbaijan.. maybe oneday we may be one government..
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