After Susan (who's not so slim) came out of the changing room, her husband asks:

How did you get on?

Does this mean, how did you get in those jeans or is it simply How was it or something else?

Is this a British English expression?

2. Do you say changeroom in the UK? How about in the US? How about fitting room (is this common)
In the US we ask "How did it go?" to inquire about nearly any venture which we know has occurred.

"How did you get on?" is very similar to this. It may well be British in origin.

In the US, we often use it specifically to ask how one person "got along" with another.
That is, were your relations friendly or otherwise.

In the fitting/changing room scenario, "How did it go?" would be a natural question, not meaning to imply that it might have gone badly - unless there was a prior understanding between you that it might go badly, in which case your tone might express sympathy.

If she were just coming home from her first day at a new job, we'd ask, "How did it go?"
I guess if we wanted to sound British, we'd say, "How did you get on?"
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How did you get on?
I’m happy that the put me on last 10 minutes but
The put me on  lasted 5 minutes, well hours minutes legs sore from just being licked all night long. My tongue and jaw was so sore. Stormy as hell, ICY. We meshed as friends like we have known each other and kiddos forever. 
Anyway, BrE:
anonymous I’m happy that the put me on last 10 minutes but
anonymous I’m happy that the put me on last 10 minutes but

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