Can I write,
(a) He was happy because he got / gets a baby girl.
(b) He was happy because he has /had a sister.
(c) He was happy because he got / gets a baby.
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Hi Optilang,
>>><<<He didn't have a baby girl, his wife or girlfriend did. It is impossible for him to hava a baby!
I am not sure where you reside but in the , it is quite common in the work lace to hear so and so had a baby. A man can't gave birth, that is a given.
But he doesn’t have to give birth to have a child.
"John just had his first child. His wife gave birth to a seven-pound girl last night".
Thanks very much for the useful example
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Can I say,
John was happy because had a sister.
Yes. You might want to emphasize that it's a change: John was happy because now he had a sister.
How about:
He was happy that he had a sister.
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