Lex: I've spent the most of my life
taking back entrances (he says it figuratively meaning hiding, right?)
to avoid journalists like you.
Carry: I just want to write an article about you.
Lex: That's your pitch? (That's the way you seduce me?) There are articles
written about me all the time.
Carry: But you're either dismissed as (mocked as?)a wild
child or the spoiled son of Lionel Luthor. You've gotten some good press (nice articles about him?)
in the 'Inquisitor' but the 'Journal' is not a tabloid, it's respected and can change your image.
Lex: What did you have in mind?
Carry: A cover profile (the cover of a magazine with his face?) on your work here.
blue 1. I think probably literally. Celebrities actually do this to avoid the "Paparazzi."

blue 2. I have no context to make me think this is not genuine. Are you suggesting Carry is using (her) journalistic profession as a cover for a romantic seduction? Journalists often need to make a "sales pitch" to persuade a celibrity to give them an interview. That is, they promise some special consideration by their magazine.

Blue 3. Dismissed as means not taken seriously - because you are only a xxxxx or a yyyyyy You could say, mocked as. To dismiss is to disregard. You don't have to mock someone to ignore them, but I guess you could..To dismiss someone as a xxxxx means to reject them BECAUSE they are an xxxxxxx

Blue 4. Yes, but it's only a tabloid

Blue 5. a combo - a combination picture on the cover PLUS a profile (descriptive article) "on your work here"

- A.
Thanks, Avangi!