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My leisure interests and activities.

Leonardo Da Vinchi said “Iron rusts from disuse, stagnant water loses its purity, even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.”

This saying expresses my attitude to life.

I am quite an active person and it is very important to me to stay engaged in life with activities, which lead to life satisfaction. Therefore I try to fill my free time completely. That helps me broaden my horizons as well as make my life interesting and full of positive emotions.

My leisure activities are from different spheres, so I could develop extensively both my mind and body. I can integrate them in three groups, which are education, photograph and sport.

Education includes both learning foreign language and increasing my professional level.

Learning English improves my memory ability, broadens my knowledge about other cultures and gains access to the information, which is not available in Russian language.

For example, as to foreign literature, all we have in Russian is other people’ translation, which presents a novel or a story in the light, a translator understands it. Sometimes translated books lose original charm and language style that, I consider, is very important. Consequently I have an ability to enjoy reading original books and think about described events in the way I acknowledge them.

Beside fiction I read some articles related to audit and accounting in English using resources of British Council virtual library and other sources. Also I surf Euro News web-side and discover that sometimes foreign journalists have different points of view on situations, have happened somewhere. This additional information can be beneficial to forming my own opinion on something.

Developing and improving the skills I already have, allows me to be competitive along with getting pleasure from meeting new people and spending time with my friends.

My other interest is photographing. I find it exciting to catch an interesting moment by my camera. If pictures need to be improved, special software allows me to do that. I can put away garbage, change the background or fix something. The best photograph I put into frames, which hang at home and in the office I work.

Finally, sport, in summer I go cycling. If I am on leave I try to spend this time near the nature – I go hiking and riding horse. I do yoga exercises regularly. Yoga teaches how to relax and concentrate. It works in three ways – helps keep fit, clears my mind and gives me energy for studying and working.

These activities and interests make my life many-sided, completed and assist to achieve set challenges.
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spelling - Leonardo de Vinci.

The name of the hobby is photography not photographing.
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