'I wanted everything back to the way it was for Amy.'
Meaning 'Because of Amy I wanted...' or 'I wanted Amy to be
in the same situation again'?
Amy should be able to face a situation that is exactly as it was before (whatever happened).
To me it's ambiguous. It could mean either of the things you say. If your first meaning was intended someone might instead say "... for Amy's sake", but this can't be relied upon.

Context and intonation should help you decide which makes more sense.
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Jeff: Don't you understand? She loved you. How could you send her away?!
Lex: Who are you? (Jeff is invisible)
Jeff: Suddenly you care? Master Lex with his castle, his plant, his expensive cars.
When did people ever matter to you?
Lex: Jeff? Where are you?
Jeff: I'm surprised you even know my name. Did you forget the unspoken rule?
Servants are supposed to be invisible. We tried to hide, fade into the woodwork.
My parents learned to live with it, pretended it didn't matter, but
Amy wanted more. And I'm through pretending!
Lex: What have I ever done to you?
Jeff: Not to me, to Amy. She loved you and you threw her out like she was nothing.
Lex: I thought she was attacking Victoria.
Jeff: That was me. I wanted to scare her, make her leave. I wanted everything back to
the way it was for Amy. But you're not interested in love.
Everything to be the same again for her, right?
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MadhulkEverything to be the same again for her, right?
I think you're safe with that interpretation. (And anyway, there isn't a huge difference in meaning here...)
Thanks, guys! Sorry to bother you so often but I am
kind of pedantic - I always wanna know the exact meaning of something.