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"Altoona"? Good grief, it doesn't even rhyme.

I know. Some of my favorite Pogo (comic strip by Walt Kelly) sequences are ones where the denizens of the ... the answer to the St. Ives riddle is "one." They also did "Who Killed Robin?" and "Froggie Went a-Courtin'."

Ah! Light dawns. I thought it must be simply the Leftpondian version, but this makes much more sense.
S'funny - not being familiar with the same comic strips (and radio soaps**) is one of the key transpondian divisors*, IME.

*If that's the word I'm looking for. Boinking, in particular the consumption of odd comestibles in the interests of research, seems to do strange things to my vocabulary-retrieval system. **Or maybe it's just a Jack Woolley moment.

Katy Jennison
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Remember sack dresses? When was that, the 60s?

No-oo. Lateish 50s, IIRC. I remember one of our teachers coming to school in one.

Katy Jennison
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Robert Lieblich filted:
Ditto for me (New England), but I know it's a "sack" down South, at least in parts of Virginia and Kentucky.

And in some parts of the South, it's a "poke"..
"bag lunch" - 324,000 "sack lunch" - 98,800 "bag " - exactly one "sack " - 655

I expected more. And who'da thunk "bag " was a Google whack?

18 hits for "poke lunch", some of which are actually the equivalent of theexpressions above (others include a lunch containing the green "poke" as an ingredient)...no hits at all for "poke ", which actually surprises me..r
Who seem mysteriously at long last to have embraced the precept that if you can't say something nice, you should hold your peace.

Hold this piece, fiddler! I vomit on your vile viola da gamba, you vishy-vashy vermin.

It should be for a blessing.
Zei gezunt, and don't let the curia grind you down.

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To me a sack is made of woven fibre, a bag is made of smooth stuff (plastic, leather, paper).

That sounds about right to me, except that there are "bags" that are specifically handbags or the like which are made of woven fiber.

Sacks seem to be used particularly for pre-industrial purposes.
There may be exceptions, though, and I believe Americans say "burlaop bag" where I would say "hessian sack".

It's "burlap sack" in my dialect.
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The other related curiosity I remember had to do with what we called our fellow students when not using a ... a Major, Minor, or Minimus to the name to disambiguate it - sometimes shortened to Ma, Mi, or Min respectively.

Ooh, I was thinking about this just the other day. What happens if there are four boys with the same name (related or un)?
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Not a gunny sack?

Tony Cooper
Orlando FL
And in some parts of the South, it's a "poke"..

As it is elsewhere, in the context of porcine purchases.

Ray Heindl
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Interchangeable with me, not having the US hangup about those looting troops. The materials are now pretty unform I think jute, hemp, flax. Rough stuff, like the troopers.
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