Please, what's the meaning of the underlined part:

"Solitude is a much greater poverty and a much greater hunger than have nothing to eat" .

And also of :

- baking cocoa powder ?
Thank you!!!
poverty is the state of being very poor.
much greater poverty would therefore be being much more poor.
much greater hunger would be being much more hungry.
What do you think the sentence means, as a whole?
baking cocoa powder is a powdered form of chocolate used in baking, usually unsweetened. What else did you think it could be?

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Hi, Calif Jim

Thanks for answering me. Well, I understood that Solitude is worse than poverty and when people don't have nothing to eat. People can be very poor, have difficulties to buy food, for example, but if they are not completely alone in the world, they don't feel so bad ! Concerning the words baking cocoa powder, I thought exactly what you said (so, I just wanted to check).

Best wishes,

Yes. You're pretty close. The lack (poverty) of companionship and the desire (hunger) for companionship is worse than the lack of food and the desire for food.
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