Which one is the correct one?

He is doing ballet now.
He is balleting now.
He is dancing ballet now.
He is doing pole dance now.

He is dancing pole dance now.
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Are they really the same?

I don't know much about dancing, but by the look of it I can't see any difference in style...

On second thought, after having taken a closer look at the woman, she does look like a circus performer.
CalifJim But the scantily clad women are actually doing pole dancing, not lap dancing. (Surely you don't want me to go into the details of lap dancing -- if "dancing" is what you want to call it!
Emotion: embarrassed Sorry about that. I thought it was the correct name for what they do in clubs. Here that's the common name for that type of "performance". Come to think of it, Italian vocabulary has imported plenty of English vocabulary often used to refer to something different from its original meaning. For instance, if I were to say -- in Italian -- that yesterday at the party all the men were wearing "smokings" everybody here would understand ... but if I said this in English I'd surely receive a stern or dubious looking (smoking in Italian= tuxedo in English).
CalifJimIt seems that "pole dancing" is the term imported from Western culture into Asian culture for the purposes of describing something a bit more innocent. Even in the U.S. the term "pole dancing" is becoming more sanitized through its recent association with healthful exercise.
That's something I was completely unaware of. After checking wikipedia, which has two separate entries for "lap dancing" and "pole dancing", I am now a bit clearer.

Thank you very much, A-Emotion: stars and CJ (and thanks to Vctory because without this thread I would have kept on misusing that term).
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I actually don't know what to say?
Because I am afraid of being mistaken,.....
My original question actually is whether the sentences below right?
The girl is dancing pole dance/hip hop!
The girl is doing pole dance/hip hop!
Actually pole dance is the name dance like ballet, hip-hop.
Actually pole dance is not a must to be very sexy.
Sometime the high-light of it is how difficult the movements are.
Many thanks in advance