Watermelon/watermelons is/are my favorite fruit.
Banana/Bananas is/are my favorite fruit.
Mango/Magoes is/are my favorite fruit.

Are both correct?
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Yeah, but I think that most people will usually use the plural form.

Is a watermelon a fruit?
Hi Clive
CliveIs a watermelon a fruit?
Are you saying that a watermelon is not a fruit?
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No, I'm not saying that. I'm asking the question. What do you think?
Clive, you must be kidding me. Yes, I consider watermelons as a fruit. Emotion: smile

I think I know why you asked that. Similar questions: Is honeydew a fruit? I think it's related to my following question

We say I ate strawberries, I ate blueberries, I ate bananas (if you really had more than one), I ate strawberries but I ate watermelon (singular)

Do you think the same principle hold for my original examples?

Watermelon is/are my favorite

Pineapple is/are my favorite.
Clive is correct and is right to say most people tend to use the plural.

For example:

"Drugs are bad for you"

"Bananas are bad for you" (if you have too many of them!)
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Hi Clive

As New2grammar said, a watermelon is a type of fruit.
Water melon is a fruit "in its own right". It is mainly produced in India, Bangladesh and central Asia.
Hi guys,

I asked because botany is not one of my strengths.

Here is one of several interesting online attempts at defining 'fruit'.
If you search around, you can find a lot of discussions about what is a fruit, as well as about watermelons.

I read a suggestion that a watermelon is part of the gourd family. Would you consider a pumpkin or a squash or even a cucumber to be a fruit?

I don't know, that's why I am asking.
Best wishes, Clive
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