What are some good band names that have a play on words.

The only one I can think of is:

El literate

I've noticed the lack of good band names lately in society so maybe we could help.
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There used to be a Sydney band called 'Free Beer'
Of course whenever they were advertised the ads read something like this;
"Free Beer at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel TONITE'
Their venues were usually packed!

Anyone know what happened to Jimmy (Ignatious Jones) and the Boys? Even Marley couldn't pull 'em like Iggy!
hey yall! do u think "balck rose" is a good band name? if not, u know any others like it? PLZ TELL ME!! THX!!
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dark figure (n) (n)
Do u think undecided is a good name for stuff like:

Green day
Blink 182
Th red hot chilie peppers and maybye some heavy stuff for raven hall (rock school live)
does undecided seem like a good band name
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DV8, The Coils, FY8, Nine By Five

From KeironEmotion: smile
yep! go 4 it! (Y)
undecided is already a band name
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