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I'd like to know the difference between a bank draft and a cheque? Are they different or just the same? Anyway, I just joined this forum and would like to know if I can also participate in answering the questions posted here? I'm not a teacher.Emotion: wink

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Hi Orpheus, welcome to the forums!

1st) A bank draft is a cheque guaranteed by your bank to pay the person named on the cheque.

Used by people who have to pay for a large item such as a car and do not want to carry a large amount of cash. These drafts are only issued by your bank if you have enough money in your account, and cannot be stopped once they are issued and handed over. Most banks and building societies make a charge for the preparation of a bankers draft.

2nd) Of course, you can answer questions just like anyone else. It's normal for a non-teacher to answer questions! If you are unsure of your answer, inform the student in your post. The regular teachers and moderators frequently check over the day to day postings.
Hi hitch,

Thanks for your explanation. One more question, though. Does a cheque always have the payee's name on it? I know a bank draft does.

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All the cheques i've seen have a 'payee' requirement.

I think you can pay to 'cash' and things like that. Ie you don't HAVE to specify, but you can't leave that field empty.
Thanks hitch @)
Yep Hitch you're perfectly right. You can't leave it blank. You can write payee's name or cash (or self). However in the latter case(s) you must countersign the cheque. (sign on the back as well as the front).
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You don`t need to be a teacher to know about a specific matter, don`t you think so ? I suppose you can surely reply people`s questions. However, you ought to be really sure if you will not be making any mistake. I think you are pretty good in English and you wouldn`t make mistakes deliberately, maybe for lack or attention. Whatever it is, just try to be clear so that people can understand you easily!

From a fresh Brazilian teacher Bruno Ferreira

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PS> as far as I know bank draft and chech are synonym, which means they mean the same thing. I just think that "check "is more formal.
I'd like to know the difference between a bank draft and a cheque?
Hi can you put a bank draft into the bank and it clears straight away or do you need to wait few days like a normal cheque

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