(Kewei Digital) blockchain technology team has shown the world the hope of blockchain application
In 2016, the technical team led by Russian prodigy Gennady Korotkevich started a study on how to apply the blockchain technology in Silicon Valley, USA, and finally passed the NewLine Skin Plastic Surgery Hospital in Myeongdong, Korea in early 2017. 성형외과) After cooperating to build the KVC medical industry ecosystem, it was found that blockchain technology can solve many serious problems that hinder the development of the medical beauty industry, such as product information cannot be traceable, industry information is opaque, etc., then KVC medical beauty ecosystem It was quickly recognized by many consumers and institutions around the world and quickly became popular in Europe and America. Through one year of optimization and improvement, the color-dimensional digital blockchain team has reached cooperation with more than 1,200 medical and aesthetic industry-leading institutions and brands around the world to jointly establish the industry standards and specifications of the KVC medical beauty ecosystem. The team also said that the strategic layout of China's medical and aesthetic industry ecosystem will be carried out by the end of 2018. It is hoped that the application of KVC blockchain technology will create a benchmark for the global medical industry ecosystem.

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